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Nov 28, 2018

Corruptions - initial questions...

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Edited: Dec 17, 2018


Patriotism, or love of nation/race, is an example of the corruption of the natural trajectory of love towards freedom. Such patriotic love attempts to push aside difference and multiplicity to form a united national people and a national identity, in turn bringing into being the other. From this perspective populisms, nationalisms, fascisms, and religious fundamentalisms are not so much based on hatred, as would commonly be claimed, but on (a corrupted form of) love.


It has now become common for right wing fascist hate groups to rebrand themselves as organisations of love, claiming to act out of love for their own kind and for the nation, rather than out of hatred for strangers and others. We can see in contemporary politics globally how such an appropriation of love as a justification for hate can (and frequently does) frame those who oppose such groups (such as anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-war activists) as working against the nation, and subsequently against love.


How do we respond to such ‘corruptions’ of love?


Can a revolutionary love act as a counter-power to the current rise of far-right xenophobic nationalism and authoritarianism?


How do we reclaim love as a revolutionary force in service to the common, and in pursuit of freedom?


Dec 4, 2018

My initial response to 'how to we respond to such 'corruptions' of love' is to LOVE EVEN MORE! Omnia vincit amor. Revolutionary love definitely feels like the only the way forward, but what would that look like...?

For me it is about radical acceptance and inquiry in to the ways we have lost our way - welcoming in to our experience all those people, organisations, and systems that we blame, shame or rage at so that we fully embody our reactions and transmute them in to love. We can be playful with our practice around this, alchemical and magical if you like, and through meditative practices, visualisation, ritual, embodiment, prayer, or whatever works for you to transform energy - we can move through our feelings (those feelings that are obstructing OUR love) and allow love to reign free.

When we can welcome, accept and ultimately love all those parts of our experience as a potentiality WITHIN ourselves, i.e. I see and recognise the potential for George Bush within me, then we have tasted revolutionary love... It's got to start within. I am exploring self-care, Metta practices, mantras, inner dialogue, letter-writing and various other means to deepen and expand my love and remove the obstacles. The media, all advertising companies and people in power survive on our rejection of ourselves, our sense of lack, not being good enough and feeling disempowered. So to reclaim love as a revolutionary force in service to the common we need to start by recognising our capacity to love ourselves, knowing that we are inseparable from the whole... Or something like that!



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