You are invited to co-imagine a  theory and practice of revolutionary love to animate radical social transformation in the 21st century....

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Matt York

Department of Government and Politics,

Room 2.50, Block B,

O'Rahilly Building,

University College Cork, Ireland


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Exploring ideas on how a political theory of revolutionary love might animate radical social transformation in the 21st century....

Dec 4, 2018

The left are searching for a new narrative. Perhaps they do this in the wrong direction. Perhaps the narrative goes the other way round. ° Not from above (e.g. Jesus Christ, Karl Marx), as sub
Nov 29, 2018

It seems clear that in general, the ambitious attempts to theorise the potential application of love in the revolutionary transformation of contemporary global capitalism have so far failed to adequat
Dec 1, 2018

Up till now, a socialist revolution hasn’t succeeded yet, because Ø the socialist movement was split at the beginning of the last century into those striving for a bourgeois society and those striv
Nov 28, 2018

This project is interested in whether a revolutionary love offers potential in igniting a politics of alter-globalisation no longer confined by nation states or party systems…. Could a theory of r
Nov 29, 2018

Could a revolutionary love offer an ethical counter-hegemony to subvert and supplant neoliberal globalisation and de-colonise our minds, communities, work-places and political imaginations?
Nov 28, 2018

The emerging field of posthuman theory calls for a ‘love of the world’ grounded in a respect for - and responsibility towards - our more-than-human commons. Might this revolutionary love of the

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