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Nov 28, 2018

Utopia as Process: Imagination as a Productive Power...


Edited: Dec 17, 2018


This Collective Visioning aims to utilise utopia as process – operationalising imagination as a productive power in the pursuit of new knowledge and practices.



Can we imagine a revolutionary love constituting a new commons – a new free society?


What would this look like?


What would government mean/look like in such a society? Would we be governed at all?


How would we make decisions?


What would the economy look like? How would it work?


How would we live together? How would values of fairness, justice and equality be expressed? What would human interactions look like?


What would human/more-than-human interactions look like? What would be our relationship with(in) nature?


Importantly – How can a revolutionary love help to prefigure this new world?


Can such a utopian visioning of a future world act to transform this world in the here and now?


Are there loving practices/networks already here upon which we can build/expand?




Nov 29, 2018

Kindness meditation, permaculture, yoga, cooperatives will create a loving society for a sustainable Utopia

Nov 29, 2018

Sounds great!

Are you involved in that type of activism now? Where?

How does the kindness meditation ground the permaculture work and cooperatives?

Dec 17, 2018

@Matt York


Visioning utopia mindfully is a great method to produce the imaginary recostitution of society. Operation Kindness Mexico aims to explore alternative possible futures. By practicing kindness meditation, yoga and permaculture we focus our intention to manifest our imaginary vision. There are many loving practices and networks that all togheter can act to transform this world. 

Dec 1, 2018

I feel visioning future society is really important for effective transformation of this world because visioning helps to form a clear sense of direction and purpose - otherwise we/one becomes an accidental player in someone else's vision. There is always a vision at play - the things we chose to eat, views, wear are all part of someone's vision.


I think visioning can play an important role in helping individuals decide on what role/contribution they can make. For example, since The Diamond Age was published (in the 90s) aspects of this dystopian fiction feel more and more like a prophecy... ...and the common-interest/value tribes described in the book seems to offer some kind of way forward in a world in which economic power seems to become more concentrated and more remote.


Dec 4, 2018Edited: Dec 4, 2018

Yes I agree with you - 'there is always a vision at play'.. And how or what we envision (and therefore what ultimately manifests) depends on whether we envision consciously or unconsciously - whether our vision is collective and from below, or prescriptive and from 'above'.. whether we simply reproduce the future (and present) we are instructed to, or collectively envision a radically new one!

Dec 4, 2018

Indeed. I was thinking, after I responded to your original post, how powerful this pithy guidance from Gandhi 'be the change you want to see in the world' helps many activists engage.


Also, definitely agree with your observation that visioning and activism are required from top down and roots up - otherwise there is a collection of people strongly agreeing with each other while looking to claim/establish 'their place' in the front row (rather than powerful collective).


And finally, I'd like to add a positive example of visioning to the Diamond Age example. Our oil tank is cracked so the supplier is no longer allowed to fill it up. Luckily there is still enough oil in there to enable us to take our time and explore the options. We've been deliberating for a couple of weeks. The easiest and cheapest option is to replace the oil tank... . But last w/end we joined an Extinction Rebellion event and when we came back home we were both clear that an oil tank was not an option - be the change... . Being at the event really sharpened the vision... .

Dec 4, 2018

I recognise the value and importance of visioning from my own life, and from hearing of some traditional cultures where collective dreaming was a responsibility of the community, guided by the elders. Our imagination is such an exquisite gift and we have very little idea of the fullness of its potential. By journeying inwardly and being creative outwardly we can begin to explore and expand our view of what is possible for our future. I make vision boards - for me as an individual and collectively for us as one earth - which has now become a book with the words on the front 'There is nothing like a dream to create the future'!


I try to be careful not to romanticise about a future that looks rather like indigenous, tribal ways of living from ages past - but there is something about their structures, community and belief systems that seem so precious: A reverence for the natural world; an understanding of our place in the whole; a deep respect for our elders and protection for our children; communal living around a central gathering place; shared spaces, land, tools and harvests; regular ceremonies and rituals to honour the cycles and bring the community together to celebrate. The emphasis on sustainable farming practices, traditional crafts and values that eradicate any need for 'valueless' items and 'stuff' that comes with all modern, consumer cultures. An emphasis on simplicity, community, sharing, celebrating, kindness and cultivating a life of meaning. Where all life is sacred.


Einstein's words about not being able to solve the problem with the mind that created it often stir in me when I try to envisage a future... I get stuck on the details, and specifically the structures around governance and finance. When I get stuck I ask for guidance, from my ancestors, the spirit realm, the Creators, Gods and Goddesses - whoever can help! By opening up the pathways and admitting we don't know, inspiration will hopefully bless us with a muse!

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